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    About Us

    We are the best in Explosive, Think about us!.

Who we are

ESAP is a Tanzanian company register by BRELA in 2022 with Certificate Incorporation Number 155514329, The Headquarter is located in Geita Tanzania. The company founded by a group of engineers with great experience in mining and explosives industry. The aim of the company is to lead the mining and explosives industry by high quality of engineering and technology.

We value the most in providing support and solutions to end users of the industry with high quality and within the shortest time period with their young, dynamic and qualified Engineers, Technicians and Operators. The products of the company are known to have high variety in the market and designed to be suitable for all conditions to improve the customers’ profit. The company also offers consultancy and technical service to customers

we ensure in understanding the business as if it were our own. We identify the challenges and create strategies that turns every problem to an opportunity and make sure that the strategies we make are secure and without interruption to our client's business.

At ESAP, we make sure understanding the market and our client's business industry. With our years of experience, we have acquired in time a vast pool of resources and information which we draw our ideas from. We have a pool of experts and consultants with advanced knowledge in their field.

We apply our systematic and analytic approach that works. With a data-driven analysis and community- based research, we make sure that we have a working solution that is not just business centric, but also acceptable to community standards.

ESAP will rapidly grow with its most valuable resource of Engineers who are experienced and known to be successful among the mining and explosives industry and market in Tanzania.

Our Vision

To be a leading national industry in the field of explosive materials by providing highly competitive and environmentally friendly goods and services

Our Mission

For partnership which may add the value of your operating company in Tanzania:

  • To deliver our customers’ needs of quality products and services at best terms and right on time in full.
  • To fulfill commercial explosive needs and their applications services for mining and construction sectors.
  • To encourage the technology excellence through the development of human resources and strategic partnership with customers and suppliers
  • To be by client side all times with its experienced and specialized technical staff.
  • To comply with the all-current Laws, Regulations, Mandates and Legislations on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.

Our Values

  • We always listen, and act.
  • We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver customs’ solutions.
  • Also, we take pride and responsibility in our work, and make sure the working environment are safe.
  • Meeting clients’ expectations by delivering on our promises.
  • We are honest, trustful, and accurate in our actions
  • performing and maintaining our functions in routine circumstances.
  • Maintaining hostile or unexpected circumstances


  • Management at ESAP is committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and ill health for the employees, contractors, and others who involved in our business.
  • We work in partnership with our clients to deliver customer solutions, safely, and efficiently. Our management and staff are committed to provide highly quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • ESAP is committed to minimize negative impact on our environment for the benefits of current and future generations